Tips from a Plumber Rocklin, CA: How to Choose a New Water Heater

A faulty water heater can cause a lot of hassle, especially when it’s cold, which is why it’s a problem that you need to address immediately. There are signs that can tell you if it’s time to replace your water heater, one of which is lifespan. Water heaters can last 8 to 12 years. If yours is over 10 years old, then you may want to replace it. Leaks and erratic operation can be other signs that you need a new water heater. A professional plumber in Rocklin, CA can help you diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

When looking for a new water heater, there are factors you need to consider. Here are some of them:


There are different types of water heater. You can choose from gas or electric, stand-alone or integrated with the heating system, and storage or demand.


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