Here are Some Tips to Avoid Plumbing Problems for the Coming Holidays

With the holidays drawing ever nearer, your home’s plumbing is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, clogged pipes and backed up drains become quite common during festive days in Loomis CA and everywhere else across the region. If you are inviting over relatives to your home, you might want to plan ahead to avoid plumbing disasters. Here are some tips from the experts.

Check on Your Toilets Beforehand

During the holidays your pipes will get excess work with time off from work and the additional relatives and friends coming over. If you are hosting this year, expect that your bathrooms will get used more frequently. That’s maybe 4 to 5 times your average trips to the toilet. Before the holidays, make sure that your plumbing is in good condition so you can prevent problems like backed up toilets.


Plumbing Experts Explain the Meaning of Noises Made by Water Heater

Granite Bay may have 265 sunny days per year, but evenings and days when the weather is bad, especially in winter, can be downright cold. This is why having a fully functioning water heater in your home is essential. It is also crucial for a homeowner like you to understand how your water heater works and what issues you can encounter with it. For instance, you need to know what the noises it creates mean.

Noises in delicate equipment like water heater are not a good sign, but until you accurately identify its source, you may not be able to perform the right repair. Of course, you can always call in plumbing experts to fix the problem but they may not always be available, and the issue can get a lot worse if you don’t act quickly. Here are some common types of noise your water heater can produce and what they most likely mean.